Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebi Event 2011

Yes it's another Pokemon related post because clearly I have one very nerdy problem, it's kinda like Felicia Day's character with World of Warcraft in her web series the Guild. (speaking of pokeposts correction on my last post there are 646 Pokemon as of this generation and three additional ones that have yet to be released anywhere rather than 466 as I said before. By the way I'm only six away from having caught them all again I'm really OCD about this kind of thing.) So I drew this a couple months back when Gamestops across the country were distributing Celebis to DS versions of Pokemon. (This was the first Celebi event in North America since the original Gold Silver for the Gameboy Color ten years ago. Before the only way to obtain Celebi was by getting a Japanese one over the Global Trade Station or by obtaining the Japanese Gamecube promo disc for Pokemon Colosseum for the Gamecube.) This Celebi has a special purpose in The Heart Gold and Soul versions of the game as well as the new Black and White versions. In HGSS once taken to the shrine in the Elix Forrest the Celebi will unlock a special part in the games story that takes you and character's gender equivalent back in time (because Celebi's the time traveling Pokemon.) where you're suppose to learn that Giovanni the absent leader of team rocket is in fact the father of your rival, which they didn't clearly state in the English versions of the game like they do in the Japanese games, which really erks me. (I will repeat; nerd, problem, I have.) You then get to battle Giovanni as he tries to head to Goldenrod City during the Team Rocket take over but is stopped by you. In Black and White once you transfer Celebi by a special means in Castellia City you can receive the Pokemon Zorua as a gift. This is the only way to obtain this Pokemon aside by breeding it's evolution Zoroark which you can only capture in the game by transferring one of the shiny legendary beasts (from a previous gamestop event.) by the same means as celebi. So yeah, really wanting that job 'bout now the videogames and Internet life style is really getting kinda old.


  1. Great drawing...nice to see you channel an interest in games into art based on them

    also love the lumberjack wallpaper

  2. Thanks, the art of video games has always been one of my favorite things about them so it only feels natural to contribute to that. Glad you like the lumberjack too, I'm rather enjoy it myself.