Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis Page 5

Hello Again. So this year's Lakeland County Community College Comic Symposium is coming up along with it's comic contest. I entered the comic contest last year, in the high school graphic fiction division and won first place. This year I intend to enter again, this time in the post high school/ Adult Graphic Fiction Division as well as the post high school/ Adult Comic Strip Division. The reason I'm telling you guys this (besides for the obvious reasons in that this relates to my blog and my comic work) is because I'm going to be focusing a lot of my time and energy into working on my contest entries for both divisions. Now this doesn't mean I won't be posting at all, it's just going to be older stuff that I have had in reserve and I'm hoping to get photos up of some of my paintings and painted projects. But for now please enjoy this regularly scheduled page of my comic.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Clue Party Illustrated: Day 2

Hello again. Day 2 of the Clue Party Illustrated got pushed back a day do to circumstances. (circumstances meaning that I got totally wiped out after playing Wiifit Plus and fell asleep at 8:00 and never woke up.)Anywho here are three more drawings with more on the way. This first one is a picture of my good friend Claudine after many, MANY, drinks. (If she was a Hindu Goddess she would have been like Octofisting) After she became incredibly drunk to, frankly everyone's surprise, She was obsessed with this notion that everyone was judging her. Which is why the word balloon says "They're totally judging us in there." which is admittedly hard to see because I didn't have enough foresight to ink the lettering before scanning in the picture.

This next picture is another batch of the party guests specifically the guys. I can't say I really got the chance to talk to any of these fellows very much, and I'm not 100% sure on there names. To the left is Kyle who made the entire meal at the party (which tasted amazing) I always have a hard time drawing plaid, I thought about working some computer magic, but I figured that would take too much time and I was already behind on posting this. Center is Sara's date who I believe was named Matt. I remember seeing him and thinking, "whooh, he certainly looks collegial." but then when I drew him I made him look less collegial and more Clark Kent (non-Smallville). Then to the right is if I'm not mistaken Erika's boyfriend who's name was possibly Alec? Unless that was someone else. Anyway in person this guy looks like a butch version of Justin Long who could very easily kick your ass, but probably won't because he's nice. He was handing out those cigar things (I don't think they're technically cigars but they're those things with the little plastic mouth pieces that you always see on the ground all over Cleveland because everyone smokes in Cleveland.) to everyone at the party and a bunch of people just had them sitting in there mouth because you can't smoke in the building.

This next picture is one of Kyle again, while he was cooking dinner. As I said before everything was amazing, but there was an unfortunate (but humorous) incident with some Brochette, in that it got burned after being forgotten about. Luckily nothing caught on fire, and Thomas and Erika were able to make a quick trip to the local grocery store and buy some more bread for another try, which was very successful. Well that's all for today. I would also like to wish my friend Jeff Cole a happy birthday, Razzle Dazzle! (inside joke)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clue Party Illustrated: Day 1

Okay, this is the second time that I am typing this because the Internet decided to be stupid and delete everything I had typed out already as I was typing (and I had a lot done already) Anyway today is the first day of a series of pictures relating to the clue party. Why several you may ask? Well the Clue Party had so many memorable moments that I could not just limit myself to just one image like I did with the Pirate Party. So to start things off is an image of my best friend Alex in one of his... less than finest moments. Clearly he had one waaaaay to many and spent most of the later half of the party puking in the trash can... and the toilet... and then the other trash can... and then Thomas' blanket. Basically nothing was safe from his puke, and yet none of this stopped him from singing along with the rest of the party guests to The B-52's Love Shack between purges. Today oddly enough, is also Alex's birthday so Happy Birthday Alex!!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in previous posts but this was a formal dinner party so everyone had to dress up (unless your name was Tyler apparently) So these next two images feature some of the beautiful guys and gals and my artist renditions of what what they were wearing. I would first like to apologize to my friend, Brittany (left, girls) because her dress was much longer than I have drawn it here, where I made it look like something a 1960's go-go dancer would wear. Our next party go-er Sarah was last party's puker. (Not this time though :D) I was particularly mad at Sarah when I started drawing this because of the complicated pattern. When I first saw this I thought "No biggy I'll just google Zebra print and work some computer magic." EXCEPT IT WASN'T JUST ZEBRA PRINT WAS IT SARAH!?! NO IT WAS SOME CRAZY SHIT WITH STRIPES AND SPOTS AND AMORPHOUS BLOBS!!!" Never the less I worked it out and once I did it it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be, I'm just giving Sarah a hard time. The next girl (right) is a friend of Thomas' that I met for the first time, Erika, who also had a complicated patterned on her outfit but it was okay because she wasn't Sarah (cough cough, SARAH!!!)

As far as the guys go everyone was looking sharp (except Tyler, but I really don't think people were expecting much from him in that regard.{Tyler if you're reading this I'm only teasing you, please don't be offended}) First up (left) we got one half of our hosts for the night Albert then next to him is the other half Thomas and to the right is Jon. I'm not sure if anyone noticed this but you will now after I mention it, but I did not color any one's eyes because every time I do I always color them the wrong color. So this time I left them white.

This next image is what I think was the highlight of everyone's night, When Albert and Thomas did their Dream girls routine. It was pretty amazing in that, between the number of drinks it took for it to happen and that it was two white boys singing parts done by black women, it still sounded pretty damn good. They're two regular dream guys. Well that's it for today, I'll be back Wednesday with more Clue party pictures of people and the stuff they did. Until then!