Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis Page 5

Hello Again. So this year's Lakeland County Community College Comic Symposium is coming up along with it's comic contest. I entered the comic contest last year, in the high school graphic fiction division and won first place. This year I intend to enter again, this time in the post high school/ Adult Graphic Fiction Division as well as the post high school/ Adult Comic Strip Division. The reason I'm telling you guys this (besides for the obvious reasons in that this relates to my blog and my comic work) is because I'm going to be focusing a lot of my time and energy into working on my contest entries for both divisions. Now this doesn't mean I won't be posting at all, it's just going to be older stuff that I have had in reserve and I'm hoping to get photos up of some of my paintings and painted projects. But for now please enjoy this regularly scheduled page of my comic.

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