Sunday, April 10, 2011

A First Day, Good News, and a Hell of a Party.

This past week was certainly eventful for me. Friday was my first day of work at Great Lakes Brewery restaurant as a busser, which has been going really well for me. The job is pretty simple, though it's a job that a lot of people depend on you to do right and though it's nothing glamorous I'm really liking it so far. The first day was a bit difficult without my glasses, (I couldn't always see if a table was ready to be cleared or not and being taught where everything is located is a lot harder when you can't see where everything is located.) But day two, after my dad gorilla glued my glasses back together, (which are now super annoying to wear with the large dried gorilla glue lump rubbing against the bridge of my nose.) was a lot easier and I've started to develop a flow for the work. My uniform is all black, a t-shirt (when my boss gave me my shirts he told me they were out of mediums but I was pleasantly surprised that a size small fits me just fine these days.) pants, shoes and an apron. Also as a perc from work I get 50% off food during my shifts which is good because they have got some good food. They also have a complementary post shift beer but alas, being the 20 year old that I am I can not partake in the consumption of the shift beer. That same day I also found out that I've been conditionally accepted into the Fall 2011 AmeriCorps NCCC class in Sacramento California. Being conditionally accepted means that as long as funding for the program remains available (which the republicans seem real gung ho about cutting it.) I will be part of the next NCCC class starting Oct. 6th. I'm so excited and surprised that I got picked, from what my staff contact through the whole applying process was saying it's not exactly common for there to be second year corps members, and the fact that I got in and at the campus I was really hoping for just makes it all the more better.
I then finished the week with going to Rob and Carri Jackson's annual book party. This year's book was The Divine Comedy, which I thought, prior to reading it, I'd like more than I did. But anyway the party was fun, the house was decorated to fit the three parts of the comedy, (Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso) and all the food was Italian. Towards the end of the party Rob and Carri's youngest daughter was asking us all "Would you rather..." questions one option which seemed to keep coming up in these scenarios involved chanting "Butkiss Tort" on top of a building naked for everyone to see. A good time was had by all.


  1. love the bacon drawing! so cute!

  2. Thanks. I liked it so much I decided to use it as my facebook photo.