Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Moment of Person Greatness Swiftly Followed By a Moment of Personal Fail

In loving memory of my glasses. You made it through Junior and Senior year, six months at the Cleveland Food Bank, several trips to Canada, ten months of NCCC, four job interviews, and several times of accidentally following asleep with you still on. Rest in peace my dear friends.

So today has been a day of mixed feelings; I found out that I got the Busing job at the Great Lakes Brewery Restaurant in down town Cleveland and then shortly after that my glasses broke. How did they break? I have no idea! I was just wearing them and was on the computer when they just all of a sudden snapped in the middle and fell off my face! I've always had the worst luck with breaking glasses, (One of the reasons I've been wanting to get contacts since I was 14.) but this is pretty ridiculous, I didn't even do anything this time! I kinda need them to because I am horribly near sighted and I'm discovering that drawing and reading things on the computer with my face basically pressed against the paper and screen has been really bad for both my neck and back. But hey employment! Whooh! Today's events have been illustrated with this drawing also serving as a tribute to one of my favorite comic series of all time Scott Pilgrim. If you know the series you'll get the reference.

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