Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While I Was Out Part 13: Crossroads for Youth, The Fourth and Final Round

So round four was the last one for us and the boys and girls of Maple One spent it in Oxford Michigan, working with Crossroads for Youth. Crossroads is a rehabilitation facility for children who get in trouble with the court system. Our job was split between painting various rooms on the grounds during the day and serving as mentors for the children in the evening. Legally I am not sure as to how much more information I am allowed to disclose about my time there on this blog so I'm just going to leave it at that. Our time in Michigan was smack dab in the middle of the holiday season so it was real convenient for me to go back home for thanksgiving, but less so for Christmas. (before we went on our winter break we were required to report back to the Iowa campus for a few days of training and meetings and from there we were allowed to go home.)
I had to take one miserable bus ride home from Iowa to Ohio where this one weird guy who smelled of B.O talked to me for the entire time from when we got on at the Iowa/Illinois boarder, until we got to Chicago. Between all the trips the team took from Iowa to Michigan we saw a lot of Chicago. (Chicago was our half way point in which we'd stop driving and call it a day.) One of the nights we decided to go out and see the city which was cool because we got to see Chicago with of it's Christmas decorations out, but man it was freakin' cold out.

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