Monday, April 11, 2011

Northstar and Dazzler

So recently I'm managed to get a copy of the X-Men: Nation X TBP. (that includes Tim Fish's Northstar short story). I've really liked the direction that Uncanny X-men has been going in lately, (though I haven't gotten the chance to read anything post second Comming) between moving to San Fransico, then to Utopia, and then with Cyclops leading army of like every X-Man that ever existed plus Magneto and Namor. Two mutants part of the current line up are Northstar and Dazzler, who were always some of my favorites though they never really got that much of the lime light. A trend I've started to notice with these two that inspired this piece of fan art is that ever since they've rejoined the team they are always together. Getting Pixie drunk, protesting Prop. X, fighting Dark Beast, stopping crime, saving Magik from Limbo, these two are inseperable, which leads me to the conclusion that Northstar is Dazzler's gay boyfriend. It makes sense all my chick friends have one, why not Dazzler. Though Northstar is certainly not a sassy gay friend, like most of my chick friend's gay boyfriends, he's more like a witty gay man, like if Emma Frost had a penis, was French Canadian, and acted manly. Dazzler could certainly use the company too, what with that mullet fashioning Longshot running around with X-Factor always forgetting who he is and making all the ladies fall in love with him and stuff. I just hope that with the start of the new Alpha Flight series, (yeah cause if history has shown us anything it's that Alpha Flight is a series that really lasts.) that they don't pull Northstar away from the X-Men thus breaking up this totally platonic gay boy/ straight girl love affair.

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