Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Dollhouse Fan Art

I recently watched the entire series Dollhouse for the first time which motivated me to draw this little piece of fan art. I'm a huge Whedon nerd, (dude turns everything he touches into entertainment gold.) So why I hadn't seen the show in it's entirety before is beyond me. It's a really neat take on the human brain and human trafficking. (Sure they're pretty much very fancy hookers but so much more than that too.) If you haven't seen the show before I highly recommend it. It's a shame it got canceled after only two seasons, it's seems to have been happening a lot with Whedon's post Buffy work. (such was the fate of Angel and Firefly) but even so I loved his Astonishing X-Men (fact: in issue 13 of the series the first letter in the letter to the editor page was mine I was like 15 when I wrote it and I nearly died when I saw it in the comic.), can't wait for more Dr. Horrible, and I am so excited for the Avengers movie, which they maybe filming in Cleveland. (Maybe I can get a glimpse of the genius himself. I am such a fanboy sometimes it kinda makes me ashamed of myself.)

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