Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Process at Work

This is a page from Immaculate that I've been having some trouble with recently. The first image was from a several months ago at the first attempt at the page. I liked the page at first and even colored it in which... didn't go so well. Sharpees are not always reliable as a means of coloring. As time went on I started liking it less and less some of the characters look a little funny, the hallway has no people in it other than the characters speaking and in a very Liefeldesque moment there are no feet on the girl who is spread across the entire page. Admittedly I often have trouble fitting a characters entire body on a page, this is something I've been trying to work on recently. Ultimately decided to redraw the page all together.

This second attempt was from just earlier this week. I didn't like where it was going fairly early in the process, although I did manage to include the feet this time around however her body is oddly twisted and her portions make her look older than the high school, I gave up on finishing this page and decided to re due it yet again.

...and the third time (which started last night in the wee hours of the night and ended this evening) was the charm. I'm really pleased with how this version turned out. I got the full body shot feet and all without it looking all weird and twisted, the hallways look like the busy high school hallways they're suppose to be, and well, I just think it looks swell. I also decided to axe the J on the school uniform because I thought it looked awkward.

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