Wednesday, March 23, 2011

While I Was Out Part 11: Preservation Iowa, Waverly Iowa

Yep, almost two months after the fact and I'm still talking about AmeriCorps. Like I was saying before our round 3 was split into several short projects, the second of which was in the town of Waverly Iowa, quite possibly the friendliest town in America. Our job was working with the organization Preservation Iowa salvaging building materials from flood damaged homes caught in the 2008 floods. These houses were bought from their original owners by FEMA in hopes of demolishing the houses and using the property as community green spaces so that no future homes in those plots will get caught in any future floods. The building materials we salvaged from these homes were then sold in a community resale store and the profits were then used for Preservation Iowa's main mission in helping maintain historical homes withing the community of Waverly. The town was more than welcoming to us. (For the first week or so it felt like we were celebrities or something.)We stayed in the basement of Trinity United Methodist church. (Which was a lot better than it sounds.) The Church's Pastor, Pastor Deb, was also very nice to us and made sure we had dinner pretty much every night we were there, naturally we got invited to a lot of church pot lucks. We worked closely With the Mayor of Waverly Bob Brunkhorst and his wife Kris (the first lady? I'm not sure on the proper title is for a person in that position so I always called her Mrs. Mayor.) As for the picture when we were in Waverly it was right around Halloween so we tried to put on a Zombie walk to help collect winter clothes for Goodwill. The walk itself was more or less successful, My team ended up being the only ones walking as zombies or even showing up to the event due to an error in our advertising. We didn't include a date in our main flier. But the church managed to collect a great deal of winter items during their Sunday service for us so in the end our mission was accomplished.

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