Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pokemon Black and White: Freakin' Sweet.

So about 2 and a half weeks ago the new Pokemon games Black and White came out and being the colossal nerd that I am have been power playing my copy of White version since it's release. (One of the many reasons for my absence recently on the blogging scene.) I've completed the main story and am now working to complete the Pokedex and becoming the champion of the Unova region. (Unlike in previous games you do not become the champion of the region when you beat the Elite 4 the first time around do to events in the story.) Over all I'd say these games are a huge step forward for Pokemon as a franchise. They introduce new and interesting ideas while bringing back classic concepts in new ways. I also like the idea of having two rivals a boy and a girl and a lady professor, Professor Juniper. These are also the first Pokemon games to feature Black characters internationally (Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii was the first game to feature Black characters but only in English speaking region copies of the game.) in the trainers, Gym leaders, and a member of the Elite 4. (A little fishy that they'd decide to do that starting with Black and White Versions maybe they should have called it affirmative action version.) I also love the huge graphic over-haul, between the detailed cities and the fully animated battle scenes, these games have never looked better. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the new Pokedex or the Item bag in these games though, I thought Heart Gold and Soul Silver perfected both of these things especially with the current huge ass number of Pokemon (566 and more to see ;) ) I thought the HGSS Pokedex would have been much better for this gen. Over all though these games are truly unlike any previous titles in the series and I highly recommend them for a soul-consuming good time.