Monday, February 14, 2011

While I Was Out Part 10: The City of Urbana Parks and Rec.

Our third round was split between several different projects the first of which was working for the City of Urbana Parks and Recreation. You probably haven't heard of Urbana Iowa, (Hell most of Iowa hasn't heard of Urbana Iowa.) but it's a little town about 15 minutes outside of Vinton. The Project: Help install a better drainage system for a playground that floods and stays flooded every time it rains. Solution: Dig out all of the wood chips already at the playground, put in a drainage pipe and then cover it all back up with nice soft sand. It was a big task, one which used heavy machinery (not operated by us.)and a lot of hard labor, but we got the job done. We worked on the playground for about a week, and on days that it was raining (which seemed to happen a lot that week.) we worked at the community skate rink (yes it was a nonprofit skate rink.) cleaning all the nasty off the skate's wheels, and there was a lot of nasty. To celebrate our completed work at the playground we did a relay race through the jungle gym.

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