Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Vaginal Avengers Red Vag of Courage Part One: Pages 1-7

So here are the first 7 pages completely completed (as opposed to the incompletely completed that I've become so famous for in some of my more recent posts.) of The Vaginal Avengers: Red Vag of Courage part of the Cliffhangers from the B-Side Dimension collection of shorts. I've got to say this particular comic has become a lot bigger of a project than I had thought it would be before I started. The first Vaginal Avengers story I did back in high school was only 3 pages and I was figuring I was going to be doing about eight at the most for this one and here we are, 7 pages in and we're only at the rising action of the story. I am however enjoying myself with this comic in all of it's absurdity. I remember when Candace, Rosa, and Olivia had first approached me about doing the original story I was very hesitant because I didn't want something like this to define myself in my craft. (everyone in my grade already thought I was drawing anime porn at the time so I didn't want there to be any truth to it.) but once I actually started working on it and just went crazy over the top comedy with it's quickly become one of my favorite stories, and one of my friends' favorite stories of mine. (It was the talk of Midview High school's Drama Club and Choir class for quite some time.)

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