Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great Lakes Brewery T-Shirt Design: Take Three

This is a variation of the second design, Kami and Saul had said that they wanted the image to be greener and had suggested that I remove the logo from the foreground and replace it with more free space. I thought that the front of the shirt really needed the logo for it to work so in an attempt to make the image greener without having to sacrifice the logo in the foreground I incorporated plants into the skyline's buildings which led to the next step my hop and rye wheel! I wanted to create some sort of pattern that I could place within the negative space of the design created by the sky and the foreground, I wanted whatever pattern I used to be not only plant based but also very much GLBC related so I took the hops and the rye featured in the GLBC logo and created this wheel thing which I then multiplied and created a pattern of it which I then place first in just the foreground and then in both the foreground and in the sky. Although Saul and Kami didn't dislike it they both felt that this design among it's variations was too busy (understandably) and that all of the lines made it hard to see what the actual image was. They also felt that all the flowers didn't play well to their demographics (males between their 20s-40s I believe is what they said.) They said that they wanted to keep things a little more simple than this. Going in with this one I figured it could have gone either way where they would have loved it or hated it and I totally understand where they're coming from with their criticism.

Images and concepts are the property of Great Lakes Brewing Co.

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