Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Uncanny X-Men: Making Me Ride an Emotional Roller Coaster Since 1998

There has been a lot of news with the X-Men lately and being the uber X-nerd that I am I have been all over it like unnecessary pockets on a Rob Liefield character. (teehee comic book humor.) Starting with the release of the movie X-Men: First Class I went in not entirely knowing what to expect. I was really didn't like X-Men 3 or Wolverine but this movie was directed by the same guy who did Kick-Ass (which I greatly enjoyed) and didn't have Wolverine as a member of the main cast so you knew it wasn't going to be all about him (though he does make a brief cameo which was both humorous and in good taste.) In the end X-Men: First Class was amazing, one of my favorite X-Men movies thus far. ( I haven't decided yet if I liked it more or as much as the second one yet, it's hard to say, I'll have to rewatch the second one.) My only criticism is that I'm a little confused as to where the movie stands with the others in the series. It has been advertised as a prequel to the previous series of films but there were several key things within this movie that clearly contradict the continuity of the previous films. (Examples; who invented Cerebro (it was Beast in this movie who invented it prior to even meeting Xavier, where as in the previous films it was always said that Xavier and Magneto built it together), the crippling of Xavier (Patrick Stewarts as Xavier is seen walking in both X-Men 3 during a flashback and Wolverine), Xavier and Magneto's break up and when it had occurred (in the begining flashback of X-Men 3 both Xavier and Magneto are seen recruiting Jean Grey together both played by their full grown conterparts), Moria McTaggert's relationship to Xavier, her occupation, and her ethnicity (again X-Men 3, like the comic she is a scottish geneticist where as in First Class she is an American CIA agent) , the age of William Stryker (the main villain of both X2 and Wolverine who appears significantly older in First Class than he does in either of his previous appearances which is weird considering this movie takes place in the 60's before either movie.) So if anything First Class is more like a prequel to a reboot (a preboot?) which at this point I really don't mind because X-Men 3 and Wolverine were just that bad to me, so this movie had me giddy with X-Men joy that I hadn't felt in a while until Schism happened. though the big X-event of the summer hasn't actually started yet it's certainly been making some headlines in the Comic book related press because in this event Cyclops and Wolverine are getting divorced and they're taking joint custody of the X-Men. Right now Schism is being described as the Civil War of X-Men and something that happens in this mini series is going to drive Wolverine and Cyclops apart which means Marvel is doing something uber stupid; They're canceling Uncanny X-Men in October with issue 544 and then in November they're coming out with a new series also titled Uncanny X-Men with the exact same creative team starting at an all new #1 issue.

What. The. @#$%.

It's the exact same series! Why are you restarting the numbering!?! hate it when comic book companies do this, Marvel did it to the Avengers twice in the last ten years, they did it to the Fantastic Four just recently, and they're doing something very similar to Captain America now. And do not even get me started on DC with this whole Flashpoint business. A comic books number is like it's Legacy, it's a testament to how long the series has gone on and how things have changed over the years, and these days the comic book industry just doesn't seem to get it. It's not about being a number one issue it's about being the start of something much bigger, (and I can prove it with my 6 copies of 1991's X-Men number 1 via the 25 cents bin at North Coast Nostalgia in Lyndhurst Ohio.) I wish marvel understood that I'd rather have issue 545 than issue number 1.

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