Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great Lakes Brewery T-Shirt Design: Take Two

So after having a impromptu meeting with Saul and Kami (my P.O.C's on this project) about their expectations for the t-shirt I began work on a new design with guild lines in mind. I started with a thumb nail sketch I drew on the bus on the way to work to give myself, Kami, and Saul an idea for the layout of the image. I generally don't do thumbnail sketches (I probably should, they certainly help and they save you a great deal of erasing in the future.) but for this project I really felt the need because I was even having trouble visualizing it clearly out of my head, hence the rough draft. With the desired image now clear in my mind's eye I began drawing the real deal which turned out rather well. Kami and Saul were quite pleased with it, only having a few minor critiques to offer me. They wanted for the foreground to be a little greener, (which makes sense seeing as the shirt is suppose to display just how green Great Lakes is.) which means that the logo will have to be removed to make way for more plant life. Aside from that the final product should resemble this design somewhat.
Images and concepts are the property of Great Lakes Brewing Co.

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