Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great Lakes Brewery T-Shirt Design: Take One

So as I had mentioned before I was approached by my employer, Great Lakes Brewing Company, about using my skills in things that are art to design a t-shirt that embodies the company's green business practices as well as their local and city farming initiatives. This is the first sketch that I approached my P.O.Cs, Saul and Kami, with. This first sketch was done with little instruction, just with the most basic idea as to what the shirt should be about, really this was me showing them what I can do. They liked it and after our first meeting with this sketch in mind we brain stormed and decided on what the shirt should look like, and though in the end this will not be the image used for the shirt and the one that will be will differ from this one greatly, I still like this sketch will always have a special place in my heart as the start of my first paid work as an artist.

Images and concepts are the property of Great Lakes Brewing Co.

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