Friday, February 5, 2010

When I'm Board.

So tonight I'm going to a pirate party and my friends Albert and Thomas's dorm so expect to see some sketches related to that on tomorrow's entry. Today however I'm uploading two sketches of comic book characters I created that I always seem to draw when I'm board. The first is a character for a comic that I've always mean to start but have never had the time to. This is Rita Appleseid, she is a witch that is part of this super hero team that is owned by a major corporation and charges money for their heroic deeds.

The next character is from my first ever comic (that I will never post do to the absolute suck of my talent at the time that I drew it.) her name is the Queen of Hearts. She was a character that my sister helped create when we were little that I built upon as the years went by. Her background story was that she was an assassin/ bounty hunter that worked for this organization all based off of playing cards called the 52 clan that's run by her mother the Joker queen.

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