Thursday, February 4, 2010


So yesterday morning was a bad day for public transportation. For those of you who don't know me, (or anyone for that matter seeing how no one has yet to read this and make their presence known, but it's only been like four days so I'll quite the belly aching) I volunteer at the Cleveland Food Bank twice a week every Monday and Wendsday. I also take a train and a bus to get there, which leads to the ranting. Wensday morning I get on the number 37 bus at the same time I had been for the last couple of weeks. (I say the last couple of weeks because I had started to catch an earlier bus to the food bank.) Well Yesterday the bus driver decided that it would be a good day to screw with me and went the exact opissite direction. So I had to get off wait for another bus (note it's very, VERY, cold out side) to take me back to the bus station, to then get on another bus that actually would get me to the food bank. Oh, but it gets better, once I finally get there, a half-hour later than I had been (once again earlier bus, ect.) the doors weren't even open! They were locked, because whoever it was who was in charge of unlocking them had for whatever reason forgot to do so again. So I waited another 10 minutes (it still being cold outside.) until someone noticed I was outside and let me in.

The next image is a tribute to my nerdiness, because like all children of the 1990's I was (and unlike most am still) a Pokemon fan. I found out that they started putting the old episodes online so I started watching them because it's been like 10 years since I saw them (and they're a bit of a guilty pleasure) The last episode I just watched was the one where Ash gets a Squirtle after running into the Squirtle Squad so this is my tribute to that.

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  1. This is awesome, ive been watching dragon ball recently, lol