Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Argh, This Be the Pirate Party!!!

So I have finally uploaded my picture of the pirate party. You can tell it was a lot of fun from the sketch. So a lot is going on in hear so I'll explain it all as it happened at the party. My friend Rosa who is on the couch got real cozy with this guy (who I call Billy D. Williams) who she brought to the party, and then they started macin' on the couch in front of everyone. Then you got one of the hosts to the party my friend Albert, dancing to the Spice Girls with my other friend Claudine. The Girl behind the couch (who's name escapes me at the moment) is thoroughly sauced, which later led to so alcohol induced vomiting in the toilet... and then the garbage can. Then next to Rosa on the couch is the other host of the party, and also my friend, Thomas, as he sees it all unfold and is just "oh, ok" about it. Now you maybe saying to yourself, "well none of this sounds very piratey to me. Why was it a Pirate Party" well person who thought that exact thought just now, it was a pirate party because we were mostly wearing pirate costumes, and we watched Muppet Treasure Island, and we drank (a lot) of Rum! (which led to the toilet/garbage can vomiting) I think I am going to do a color version of this picture at a later date.

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