Sunday, February 7, 2010

And Now... My Comic!

Yikes, not even a week in and I've missed a day! Sorry about that, this weekend was rather fun and insane at the pirate party (in all the good ways) and I ended up having a surprise guest Saturday night (that sounds worse than what I'm actually talking about, I just had a friend stay the night last night.) so I didn't get to update the blog yesterday. So I didn't didn't stayed true to my word of having party based ilustrations (though I did draw something at the party, I will not post it because I didn't check that adult content button in the blog options) I've got nothing at the moment but expect something either tomorrow or tuesday.

Today however as promised is the begining of my comic that I've been working on for about a year now called Quarter Life Crisis. It's semi-autobiographical and about how much growing up sucks ass. A nice coming of age story if you would. The main character Trevor Mitts is in his senior year of high school and is quickly aproaching graduation, and if that wasn't nerve wracking enough he's got friends who he fears hates him, a mother who thinks he won't graduate, a teacher's who thinks he needs to grow up, and a girlfriend who seems to be really pissed at him to deal with all during spring break. Naturally it's a comedy.

To get things warmed up (and to make up for yesterday's neglect) I've posted the first two (three if you include the cover, which I always do.) pages for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and see you all tomorrow.

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