Monday, February 1, 2010

My First Post!!! Hi Everybody!!!

Hell0 everybody my name is Avery Bailie and this is the first post of my sketch blog. What's a sketch blog you may ask? (Or not because chances are if you are reading this you already have some vague idea as to what I'm talking about.) Well what a sketch blog is is a blog... with sketches, it's pretty damn simple. I got the idea to do one from reading Tim Fish's sketch blog, which if you haven't you should because it's really funny. What I want to accomplish with this is to post a new sketch or finished image every day (new or old) and at the end of the week a completed page of my comic book, Quarter Life Crisis. A little about myself, I am 19, a member of the graduating class of 09, and an aspiring comic book artist/writer. If I had to describe my own style I would call it a mix between Bryan Lee O'Malley and the previously mentioned Tim Fish with a hint of manga from the east. I am also interested in a wide variety of comics including western (American/Canadian) and manga. I hope for this to be the fist of many posts and you enjoy the further adventures of this blog.

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