Sunday, January 9, 2011

While I Was Out Part 4: Meet the Team.

So now that I'm done being on my holiday break, (I've actually been done for about two weeks now I just thought I lost my flash drive and became consumed by the world of Pokemon and I just found my flash drive yesterday.) just a few quick things, Happy new year, merry Christmas, cwazy Kwanzaa, and whatever else you maybe into. Now back to business. So before I go any further into my tale of Ameri-pilgrimage I figured I should probably introduce you guys to my supporting cast; my team Maple One. (Just a Quick F.Y.I they normally don't look like the New Mutants they just really wanted me to draw them as super heroes and I saw a lot of parallels between them and my favorite group of X-Teens.)So starting from Top left to Right then working down we've got My team leader Anya from Brooklyn NY, playing the role of Professor X. Anya is someone who is very professional which was a bit intimidating at first but we've come to the conclusion that we wouldn't have wanted any other team leader. She's also Russian so we make a lot of jokes about that. Directly under her playing the role of Magik is Kate of Orlando Florida. Kate left our team towards the end of our last project but we had a good time while she was with us. Playing Cannonball is Matt Rossi of Long Island NY. There are probably more similarities between Rossi and his character than anyone else on the team. He's the oldest aside from the Professor/Anya, he's often awkward, and, in the beginning of the year, he was someone paternal. (Not so much now.) He was the first person on my team to really introduce himself to me when I got there and I pretty much owe my current music collection and taste to him. My parents refer to him as "The Famous Matt Rossi" on account of when I first visited them I had a lot of Rossi related stories. It was kinda embarrassing when my parents met him and actually called him that. Under Kate/Magik is Andrea playing Karma. Andrea (who is not a Viennese lesbian) is from Muskegon Michigan, speaks fluent sarcasm, and is often mistaken for a bitch but is really a sweet girl and a great person to hang out with. She's a very talented musician who plays several instruments including but not limited to the ukulele. Recently the two of us have been playing a lot of Mario Kart together. Next to Andrea is Cheryl from the Bronx NY as Mirage because Cheryl is a beast of a warrior woman who is called an amazon by many. If there is a task that is too hard for one of us we can just yell the Xena Warrior cry and I swear to God she will come. Above Cheryl/ Mirage is Victoria of Reno Nevada (but she now lives in D.C) as Magma. Victoria is a funny, crude yet classy kind of girl, and is easly my best friend on the team, she's like a sister to me. It's sad because she's actually leaving our company a bit early because she got a very important internship. After Victoria is Mathew Bowman from Riverside California as Warlock the space alien. Bowman is very much like Warlock in that he's tall, kinda child like (in a good way), and has a very interesting way at viewing life. Behind Bowman/Warlock is Jordan Russo as Cypher who's very unique skill set has served us in key moments in our Corps year. Him and Bowman kinda form this weird duo too (just like Warlock and Cypher) At the very bottom is Avery Kufta also of Muskegon Michigan (I still can't believe there was another Avery in the Corps let alone on my same team.) as Sunspot. Kufta is cocky, but very smart and a vegetarian. We get along really well and he's like a brother to me. We also have our own thing like the Venture Brothers when they "Go Team Venture!" Only we do "Go team Avery" and we have our middle and index fingers make an A shape. (or just an upside-down V) Finally there is Naima from Los Angeles California as Wolfsbane who sadly left our team way too early. She was a quite girl but very sweet and pretty much nice to everyone. You would have never expected her to leave due to pregnancy. (It happened before the Corps year and she didn't even know about it. She recently had the baby and it's a beautiful baby girl.) There was another girl on the team before I drew this picture, Bailey, who we seldom speak of because we did not part on the best of terms.

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