Monday, January 17, 2011

To Tim Fish...

This is a picture of Tim Fish, a comic book writer/ Artist who I admire a great deal, and who's blog I follow pretty regularly. My first exposure to Mr. Fish was reading his Cannonball short in I Heart Marvel. During my junior/senior year of high school my art teacher had strongly urged me to make my art style less and less like the ever popular manga style and so I spent some time emulating different artists to try and mold my own unique style and Tim Fish happened to be one of those artists. So why am I drawing him now? Well, a little over a week ago, I noticed that I had an additional follower on my blog. I check to see who it was and there was Tim Fish's head, and I was like "HOLY @#$%!!! IT'S TIM FISH!!!" (My teammates can speak on my behalf of my reaction.) I even had a facebook status about it. (because in this day and age it didn't really happen until it's facebook official.) But it got better, I went through my posts and there was a comment. BY TIM FISH! ABOUT THE VAGINAL AVENGERS!!!(GASP!!!) (Mr. Fish if you're reading this I apologize for all the nerding out but this was pretty damn cool for me.) But it got even better, Tim Fish following my blog means that I now also have a person following my blog that I do not know personally! SUCCESS!!! I still haven't quite figured out the scanner at my current location so parts of the image got cut off but Mr. Fish is wearing one of the shirts he designed in his comics that are now for sale outside of his comics (and I have every intention of buying it as soon as I'm done hopping around the country.)


  1. you are too, too kind. please do keep drawing and posting. the more about me the better. j/k :)

  2. Oo that Tim Fish! I'll get him yet! Kidding of course.

    Congrats to both of you!