Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Shiny Pokemon Give-a-Way!

Today I went to gamestop to get me a shiny Pokemon. With the upcoming release of the new Pokemon Versions, Black and White, Gamestops are currently hosting a download event that gives you shiny versions of the legendary beast trio from Gold and Silver version. And if you are like me and have four of the five DS versions of Pokemon than that means you get four times the nerdy goodness. A week or two ago they were giving away Raikou and yesterday they started giving out Entei. Suicune starts in a little more than a week. Anyone of these three Pokemon gives you special access to a Pokemon in the upcoming versions that you can't obtain any other way, (minus evolving it's pre-evolution but you can only obtain that pokemon by another download event that starts in early Feb. after the beasts event is done.)

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