Monday, January 10, 2011

In Loving Memory of A Great Poster...

One of the most heart wrenching things for any nerd happened to me this past Thanksgiving when I went home to visit my family. When I joined AmeriCorps my parents were in the process of moving so I couldn't be there to help them with that. But in my absence my Father threw away my 1980's Art Adams X-Men poster! I've had that thing since I was 7! (and let me tell you that poster was a good 10 years old before I got it.) This poster depicted some of my favorite mutants at the end of one of my favorite periods of X-men. (pre-Mutant Massacre) Now, in my Dad's defense, the poster had seen a lot of wear and tear over the years even after being mounted on foam core but even so, that was a piece of history there from one of my favorite artist at the high point of his career. This poster was the inspiration of many of my drawings as a kid. So in honner of this fallen piece of art I have drawn some pictures of some of my favorite characters from the poster. (Don't expect to see any Dazzler, Longshot, or Rogue, they looked awful with those mullets) This first picture is of Shadowcat, Psylocke (pre-asain), and Havok. Kitty is one of my all time favorite mutants and this poster was right before she left the X-Men and joined Excalibur until the late 90's. She and Psylocke both had these weird poofy sleeves that make no sense today but I remember being fascinated with them as a child. Psylocke being the former model that she was seems like the kind of person who Kitty would look to for style so here's Psylocke approving of Kitty's poofy sleeves. Then you've got Havok, another one of my favorites, but man, he has some of the weirdest costumes in all of comicdom. It's this all black costume with mask and then he's got that bizarre tiara on his head. (It actually means something, which they explained in an issue of Exiles once but I can't remember.) so basically he's going to Kitty "How should I know what's fashionable, clearly I can't dress myself."

The next picture is of the original five X-Men as X-Factor, a classic line-up that always has a place in my heart. This was before Angel became Apcolypse's Horseman death and then later Archangel. I never really liked the whole metal wings and blue skin thing and I was so glad when they changed him completely back to normal in like 2003. Now-a-days however he can change between the two forms which is okay with me. Something that was interesting about this poster was that for some reason Jean Grey's X-Factor costume was completely yellow where in the comic it was green and yellow and then later red and yellow.

The final picture is less of something I liked about the poster and more so something I never quite got about the poster, and that's Sunfire's presence. As far as Sunfire's career as an X-Men he was a member for about one issue, and after that made seldom few appearances. There were several characters who would have made more sence to put on the poster. Magneto (though he spent most of time with the New Mutants) Banshee, or the best arguement, Rachel Summers who spent the majority of the late 80's as part of the X-Men and over all more than Sunfire ever did. Naturally she's pissed about the whole thing and Sunfire feels akward.

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