Sunday, December 5, 2010

While I Was Out Part 1: CTI in Vinton Iowa.

It was a dark day May 10th when I left Cleveland, (It was dark mostly because I left at 4 in the morning.) and it took me two sardine can airplanes to get me from Cleveland to Chicago and then finally to good old Vinton Iowa, a small gem in a sea of corn. I was picked up from the small airport by the support team leader Joy Whitt, who I would get to know better at a later time. When we arrived at Campus (The Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School.) there was already an all Corps community

meeting in progress led by, of all teams, the one I had been assigned to! You see, the day I arrived on campus was 5 days later than the majority of the Corps. Class 16A officially started on May 5th and I got the phone call telling me I got in, asking me if I can arrive by the 5th on the May 2nd. (I know right, thanks for the heads up.) Not just that but I had my then Girlfriend's prom to go to and there was already some drama there so I didn't want to make things any more miserable for her. So I got approved to come in later. I basicly went straight from the airport to the community meeting and got to sit on stage in front of the whole Corps with the team who I only just then met. Oh but it gets better, this was also before I knew that it just so happened that on my team there was another Avery and a Girl named Bailey (not Bailie like my name.) and they were starting the meeting, so when I heard our team leader call up "Avery Bailey" I was dumbfounded, luckly one of my teammates stopped me from standing up and making an ass of myself. So after that community meeting I got all my uniform items and went to that day's traings with the team and settled in and such. This picture is of part of the team from the Van inspection training in when it started to rain.

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