Saturday, December 11, 2010

Intermission 2: The Drama of the NCCC Yearbook Cover

So every NCCC class has a yearbook profiling all the teams and their projects, and our class is no exception. There was a contest to determine who would get to design the cover of the yearbook and seeing as I was the only one who expressed interest I won by default. So I worked on my design, and worked, and worked, because as all artists know stuff like this takes a long time and in addition to all of the other Ameristuff we have to do you don't get that kind of time too often. So after about a little over a month of working on it, I finally submitted my original design (top left) only to find out a week later that staff decided against using my cover for various reasons, which included and not limited to, fear that the person on the cover was suppose to be me and that the person on the cover was not in full uniform. So taking this with a grain of salt I was given the opportunity to do a new cover, (seeing how they still needed one and I was the only one who actually did one.) and submitted the second image you see here which was approved.
There are different things I like about each cover more but ultimately I still like my original cover more, just because I feel like I had a really cool concept going with it visually and I got to showcase all the teams and their work better (because of limited space I could not include as many photos on the second design.) not to mention I spent a lot more time on it, where as the second cover was a picture I drew earlier in the year that I repurposed because I had not the time nor energy to start from scratch. What also really sucked about the whole situation, was the idea that they thought I was drawing myself with the original cover, when in actuality, I was trying to go for an indistinct person because the idea I was trying to get across was the an NCCC Corps member can be anyone and can come from anywhere so to get the exact opposite impression is really unfortunate and speaks on my ability to convey my thoughts using images. My original cover will still be featured in the yearbook in full color, it just won't be the cover. Basically what I'm taking from this experience (and this is the most positive spin I've been able to put on this thing.) is that when I enter the field of art professionally I'm going to have to get used to people I'm working for on commissions or other things to not want the same thing I necessarily want and be ready to adapt to their demands and expectations.


  1. I do like them both, and the concept is really good. The only thing I dont like about the first one is the text at the top. The first looks like a cover but the second looks like the back. You should have tried to persuade them to do that.

  2. Yeah the lettering bugged me about the first one too, there was so much going on it was hard to make the words pop. Believe me people really pushed to get the first one on the front but it just wouldn't be.