Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parts of Our World...

Save the mermaids, cut your soda can rings before you throw them away! This strip was partly inspired by a beach clean-up that my NCCC team and I recently participated in during our time in Hawaii. There was just so much garbage on this one beach and it wasn't even a beach that had public access, no all this trash came from all over the world and has washed up on the shores here and it happens all the time. As human beings everything we do really does have a significant impact on the world around us. The WHOLE world. Here's a photo from the beach clean up, in addition to our team ten there was also a large number of volunteers and together we managed to pick up around 3000 pounds of garbage in an afternoon, which unfortunately didn't even scratch thesurface of what was already there and what will wash up there in the future. The only real solution is if people become more aware of what happens to their trash after they are rid of it and we all work towards a better solution to this problem we all face. Be sure to be back here next week for this month's comic, part one of The Vaginal Avengers: Red Vag of Courage.

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