Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes: The New Teen Titans

And now for another exciting installment of DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes. Today the spotlight is shining on a new favorite of mine, The New Teen Titans. Many things drew me to this motley crew of heroic youth, my love of junior super heroes, being a fan of the cartoon during my preteen days (watching it today I find I enjoy it less) and this specific series has been recommended to me by several friends as a good place to start with DC. I started at public library where I was able to locate a TPB copy of the story, The Terror of Trigon, I really enjoyed it, it reminded me a lot of 80's X-men, both the story and art were solid. I then found out that in the 80's Marvel and DC did did a crossover comic featuring both the Titans and the X-men (the X-men being my favorite comic book franchise of all time) and I immediately hunted down a copy of it on the internet. From there on I was hooked, (I even own a Teen Titans Pint glass now) before I left for Americorps I bought the New Titans Omnibus Vol.1 from my local comic book store and have been reading it ever since. (it's a massive 660 something pages so it's been taking a little while.) Titans not pictured here are Robin and Starfire (both of whom have appeared in my previous DCCM entries) For the most part I find Changeling to be fairly annoying, which is part of the reason Donna Troy is quickly becoming my favorite character for her refusal to take any crap from him. (Though I wish she wasn't dating that Terri Long guy, there's something about him I find just down right creepy. I'm also very intrigued by Raven's character, she has both a very interesting origin story and power set. It's a shame that most of the characters from this series will not be featured in any of the new 52 titles at this time.

Flash Fact: Drinking a chocolate milk shake with super speed will give you a major brain freeze, poor Kid Flash.

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